Registered Nurse (RN) | PRN

Job Description: Carries out administrative and resident care duties as directed. Abides to department policies and procedures and interprets them to personnel, residents, medical staff and public. Provides professional nursing service for residents, following established policies and procedures. Accuracy and promptness in carrying out physicians' orders. Care and use of supplies and equipment. Adequate maintenance of medical records. Cooperation with other personnel. Treating resident information as confidential material.
Accountability: Reports to the RN in charge
Equipment Used: General office and medical equipment.
Environment: Indoors
Duties and Responsibilities: The employee is required to be able to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodations. Except as specifically noted, the following functions are considered essential to this position.
Coordinates the OBRA-87 resident assessment instrument with the Director of Nursing Service and licenses personnel.
Gives and receives reports.
Answers telephone inquiries.
Takes and transcribes physicians orders.
Assists with orientation, instruction and supervision of other nursing personnel.
Evaluates residents' needs, condition and care, and assists in developing nursing care plan for individual residents, including rehabilitative and restorative activities.
Admits and orients new residents and relatives.
Checks identification.
Checks physicians' orders, transfer and preadmission information.
Reviews residents' medical and social history.
Makes appropriate and practical room assignments.
Requisitions and arranges for diagnostic and therapeutic services as orders by resident's physician, from departments within the institution or from outside facilities.
Orders prescribed medications, requisitions supplies and equipment.
Sends diet orders to dietary department. Assembles residents' charts, checks to see that all permits, authorizations and releases and other required forms are attached.
Transcribes physicians' orders to resident cardex, medication and treatment cards, diets lists, etc.
Periodically reviews resident care plans with floor supervisor and resident's physician.
Requisitions supplies, equipment, linens, emergency drugs, etc.
Sees that equipment is in good working order.
Maintains unit records.
Performs charting duties.
Maintains narcotic records.
Completes required medical chart forms.
Writes charges and sends to business office.
Schedules appointments and arranges for transportation of residents to other departments or facilities and clinics for diagnostic, therapeutic, dental or medical services.
Discharges or transfers residents.
If resident is to be transferred to another institution or facility, arranges for this transfer and completes required forms.
Sees that resident is escorted to transportation or transfer vehicle.
Provides professional nursing service i.e., emergency treatments rehabilitation program for resident etc.
Physical Activity Requirements: The employee is required to use a transfer/gait belt or request staff assistance when attempting to assist residents or attempting to lift or carry objects over 25 lbs. The employee must be aware that during the normal, routine performance of the essential functions, some of the following body movements may occur naturally, although they may not be a requirement of the job.
Primary Physical Requirements:
Lift up to 10 lbs: Frequently
Lift 11 to 25 lbs: Rarely
Lift 26 to 50 lbs: Not required
Lift over 50 lbs: Not required
Carry up to 10 lbs: Occasionally
Carry 11 to 25 lbs: Rarely
Carry 26 to 50 lbs: Not required
Carry over 50 lbs: Not required
Reach above shoulder height: Frequently
Reach at shoulder height: Constantly
Reach below shoulder height: Frequently
Push/Pull: Frequently
Hand Manipulation:
Grasping: Constantly
Handling: Constantly
Torquing: Not required
Fingering: Constantly
Controls & Equipment: General office equipment and supplies.
Other Physical Considerations:
Twisting: Not required
Bending: Required
Crawling: Not required
Squatting: Required
Kneeling: Not required
Crouching: Not required
Climbing: Not required
Balancing: Not required
During an 8-hour day, Employee may be required to:
Consecutive Hours Total Hours
Sit 2 6
Stand 1 1
Walk 1 1
Licensure/Certification Requirements: Graduate of an approved school of nursing. Current state nursing license.
Other Training, Skills, and Experience Requirements: Employee must be able to perform in such a way to build good working habits and relationships among the staff that they manage as well as other departmental staff. Employee must demonstrate on an ongoing basis the ability to develop and maintain good working relationships with co-workers and other department.
Other Considerations and Requirements:. The Registered Staff Nurse must be well organized, efficient with their time, and able to coordinate many activities. The employee may be requested to perform other duties or tasks that are not listed, but are within the competence and training of the individual. The employer reserved the right to modify this job description based upon the company needs.

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